School: Here you will find photography produced while I was a student at RIT. You can find Photomicrography or photographs taken with the aid of microscope; Photomacrography or photographs taken with the aid of a macro lens; and Other Schoolwork that just doesn't fit into any category.
Product: Here you will find examples of product photographs I took while an intern at American Educational Products. I took still photographs for the cataloge and made promotional videos for the sales team.
Event: Here you will find some examples of the event photography I've done. I did an internship at VolumeOne Magazine where I covered quite a few events around the Chippewa Valley. I also photograph the occaisonal wedding.
Portraits: Sometimes I like to take pictures of people and animals. I've done a few portraits of people and just a tiny bit of pets. I would love to do more.
Personal: Of course there are things I like to photograph that are near and dear to my heart, that I take pictures of just for me. I like to take pictures of plants with my macro lens. I played rugby at RIT and I often brought my camera along to the mens' matches. Travel is also big on my list. Lastly, I seem to stumble across random dead animals. Most have been found on walks with my dog. I like science and natural things, so it's obvious that I whip out my camera to document these macabre subjects. I'm not weird, I promise.